Easy Guide to Make Sure You Buy a Real Vintage Gold Jewelry

Easy Guide to Make Sure You Buy a Real Vintage Gold Jewelry

Gold is considered the most valuable item since the pre-historic era. The gold value is always at the highest point; even the ancient Egyptian and Inca worship this metal. You can read more about gold’s value at global glam. Nowadays, many people buy gold as jewelry to make them look even better and glamorous. Vintage gold is the most hunted gold which can show high prosperity and beauty. In this article, we will look at how to see if the vintage gold jewelry is real.

Easy Guide to Make Sure You Buy a Real Vintage Gold Jewelry

At first glance, it’s not easy to tell if vintage jewelry is real gold or plated costume jewelry that has no real metal value. Some costume jewelry is valuable as collectibles. Occasionally it is more valuable than gold, but not often. There are methods for determining the relative value of things without expensive equipment or special expertise. But there is no method without an actual test created by an experienced technician to tell for sure.

Do Some Magnet Test

Easy Guide to Make Sure You Buy a Real Vintage Gold JewelrySome people suggest having a magnet to check the authenticity of silver or gold jewelry. Most fake gold pieces are made of brass, copper, or other pot metal that cannot be attracted to a magnet. Some pieces are gold-plated silver and can be valuable, though not karat gold. However, be aware that many earring clips, string closures, etc. are metallic and magnetic. If a piece attracts a magnet, make sure it’s not just a stem or post. The rest could be gold.

Check the Finishing

Most karat gold jewelry has a much better finish because of the price and value charged than simulations. In addition, the finish holds up even after years of use. The gold takes on a luster and soft texture after a little wear and tear. It gives antique gold a distinctive and attractive look that is hard to mistake. However, items filled with fantastic quality gold might look similar. It is usually considered too precious and beautiful to cover with paint or enamel.

See the Markings

In the US, the precious metal jewelries sold have some marks with its gold content. However, everything is canceled, and some are hand cast, so looking for a mark is not a foolproof index. Also, there are many imitation marks, although I have found that most are fakes. Chains are usually identified near the handle, rings on the ring, but other things can be everywhere. Also, depending on the age and provenance of a bit, the markings can be difficult to decipher.