Tips to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

The skin seems to sag and in some spots, not only wrinkles but also layers of flesh can form. One of the most common problems some people face is having a turtle neck. If you check neck products, you can learn how to get rid of turkey neck. These are options, of course, yet there are several things you can do to improve or conceal the overall appearance.

Avoid Necklace and Choker

Using necklaces and bracelets can draw attention to the field you are trying to hide. Fantastic cascades of necklaces or bracelets create the look of a down turned neck, so it’s better to protect yourself from them unless your neck is covered with clothing like a turtleneck. These aren’t just for winter, though, as you can also buy high-waisted shells that work well under a light suit.

Undergo Surgery

Surgery If you and your doctor agree, there are surgical options to get rid of the loose skin. This may cause you to have discoloration behind the ears. This form of surgery varies in price, but an approximate figure is around $10,000. If your condition does not warrant going under the knife, and then it is possible to opt for laser treatment of the area. Your healthcare provider can tell you who is qualified to do this type of procedure. InĀ  fact, this is one of the most common way that many people get rid of turkey neck.

Apply Moisturizer

The overall appearance of wrinkles will be enhanced if your skin remains dry. Applying a moisturizer can keep it supple and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Before bed, use your favorite nighttime moisturizer. These tend to be thicker than the version you use during the day. For this reason, you are not removing wrinkles, but simply plumping up the skin.

Assess Your Posture

Stretching Assess your posture when sitting and standing. If you allow yourself to slouch, you will notice that your skin is invisible everywhere. By keeping your shoulders perpendicular to the back, you will help elongate the appearance of your neck. If you’re working at a desk, try to be sure it’s at a suitable height so you don’t have to lean forward. If you are working on a laptop, consider elevating it so that the screen is at eye level. Many offer the ability to connect a USB keyboard.